I have a passion for color, expressive liveliness and exaggeration in drawing, and I apply my whimsical imagination to all of my projects and achievement.

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Story telling with Sculpting

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Paper cut illustration

South Cowichan | Vancouver Island Regional Library Exhibition

Francoise MOULIN ART WORK Canada BC

Éducation artistique et experience

Françoise Moulin’s journey into the realm of art began as a student in her homeland, Belgium. After studying and received a Master of Arts and Espace, at the National School of Visual Arts and Architecture at La Cambre in Brussels, she began to display her work in numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Japan.
She won numerous awards (Belgian Vocation Foundation) and prizes ( Pacifête at the B.C. Convention Pavilion in Vancouver) as well commissions.
The past twenty years, Frances has worked in many different areas of art including creative art, illustrations of children’s books, education, social and cultural issues, art therapy and dramatic expression.

She has developed workshops and seminars for schools in Canada and the United States for the general public, an example at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, Vancouver Island.

As a visual artist, Frances has done extensive work on the creative process with children and adults and in three-dimensional art, which may provide opportunities to set up divergent forms of communication and provocation.

She has a passion for color, expressive liveliness and exaggeration in drawing, and she applies her whimsical imagination to all of her projects and achievements. Others interest, Francoise works closely with a non-profit association for International development in Mauritania, Africa.

Other interests: She also works at the Cowichan Intercultural Society where she meets many cultures around the world. Françoise Moulin uses acrylics, pastels, watercolors for his paintings. The D 3 are constructed as paper recycling, polymer clay, clay, acrylic and other materials such as recycled paper and other materials.

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